I think we’d be a great fit, but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other’s I’ve worked with have had to say.

Bradley is amazing! Not only is Bradley a super talented Software Engineer, but I love how you can hand him a project and he’ll go figure it out. He’s super intelligent, hard working, learns quickly, and is fast and efficient with his work. And best of all, he’s a willing teammate who does what’s needed and elevates those around him. I’d highly recommend Bradley to be your next Senior Software Engineer.

// Tanner Nash (Product Owner)

One of the best people I know. Bradley is such a great person with a huge heart, zero ego, and so much love and faith. He is also an exceptional software developer. Comfortable building features across front-end and back-end with a huge focus on quality, easy to understand code, it has been such an incredible pleasure working with him.

I love Bradley’s focus on unit testing critical features. I’ve had my doubts over the years about how effective Test Driven Design (TDD) is, but Bradley builds those tests so fast and clean it blows my mind. And makes his code super easy to review and trust.

He is also just so sharp. He is the guy you turn to when you don’t know something, even when he is the newest person at the company.

If you just met Bradley and are questioning whether he is the real deal, or just too good to be true… he is. Such a good person. Such an awesome engineer.

// Carl Wecker (Senior Engineer)

Brad is one of the most dependable people I have ever worked with. His expertise in shipping software is exceptional, and I found that I was consistently more productive when collaborating closely with him. His outstanding work ethic and ability to “get things done” have left a lasting impression on me. Brad never shied away from embracing new concepts or technologies, which made learning and growing with him an enjoyable experience. I am confident that he would be a tremendous asset to any software team.

// Brian Scaturro (Senior Engineer)

TLDR: Brad is an hard working and efficient engineer who does not shy away from challenging tasks. He will be an asset to your team.

I had the privilege of working as Brad’s manager for many years during his time at TeamGantt. He first joined our team to kick off and lead the development of our mobile app, using React Native. He quickly showed how versatile his skill set is, expanding into much more of our platform. Within only a few months Brad was contributing to many of our company’s repos. By the time he left, he had contributed to almost every repo our company owned. They covered, but are not limited to: ReactNative/Javascript, React/Javascript, React/TypeScript, Lumen/PHP, a handful of other node-based projects and a few smaller repos built in either vanilla JS or PHP.

Brad is an exceptionally hard and efficient worker. He never shies away from challenging tasks or branching into new territory. His pragmatic approach allows him to tackle problems within legacy systems. He is one of the most hard working people I’ve had the pleasure to work along side through the years. On company and team meetups, Brad was always the first one working and the last one to stop. His energy and commitment to his work is refreshing and contagious.

I have no doubts that Brad will quickly adapt and perform at a high level on any team he joins.

// John Correlli (Co-Founder, TeamGantt)