As a full stack engineer with over eleven years of hands on, multi-industry experience, I’m confident I’ll be able to come alongside your team and bring value from day one.

I specialize in staff augmentation, allowing you to quickly obtain needed relief on your team without needing to go through the process to hire another engineer, especially on projects that only need help for a few months.

Call it a gift or a honed skill, but I am proficient in coming in to existing repos and quickly getting a working understanding of how to contribute.

Ways I could help your team include, but are not limited to–

  • Feature Development
  • Backlog Remediation
  • Project Discovery & Scope Writing
  • Program Management
  • Code Reviews
  • Greenfield Mobile or Web App Development
  • Tooling Research & Recommendations
  • DevOps Configuration
  • Deployments & DNS Management

An engineer is more than someone who knows x language or y frameworks. At our core, we solve complex business problems using a vast array of tools and methods. With that said, I do have extensive experience in the following areas–

  • React / NextJS / Remix
  • React Native / Expo
  • NodeJS / Express / Postgres / REST / GraphQL
  • Typescript / PHP
  • Jest / Vitest / Playwright / Cypress
  • Bootstrap / TailwindCSS / ShadCND / BEM
  • AWS Services / / Heroku
  • Shopify Apps / Polaris

Intrigued? Let’s Connect!

I’d love to hear about your project and your goals for considering outside consulting.